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Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil

Sutherland Welles Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil is an environmentally friendly option for a hand rubbed, tung oil wood finish.

Our Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil line uses the same polymerization process as all our Tung Oil wood finishes, however the solvent used is our proprietary, all botanical, citrus solvent, DiCitrusol™. This formulation contains no petroleum solvents and is a low VOC product.

Sutherland Welles Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil line was created to offer an alternative to petroleum solvent finishes. The solvent is made from the peels of oranges used for the juice industry creating another use from a waste product. The solvent to Tung Oil ratios are exactly the same as the Original Formula line the only difference is the citrus solvent.

The composition of this line is 99% botanical, tree derived material, so even though it does have a VOC emission the entire raw material source helps to sequester carbon year after year. Working with a natural, all tree product, Tung Oil that is sustainably grown and harvested makes the completed formulation a great ecological choice for any project.

The Sealer product contains a low solid of Polymerized Tung Oil that we recommend as a wood conditioner prior to using our Stain and it’s also the reducing agent used with all of our Stains to create lower saturations of color. It’s other best use is for rustic projects like rough hewn timbers and mantles when you want to enhance the wood grain and natural color, but not create a finished look.

Low Lustre is the perfect choice when a very low sheen is desired on a project. It’s not possible to add flattening agents to an oil only finish, so the way to control the sheen as you apply several coats for protection is to keep the amount of oil in each coat appropriate to the eventual sheen you want to create. For most wood species, four coats creates a satin finish.

Medium Lustre is the best choice when your goal is to create a semi-gloss sheen. The higher percentage of Tung Oil fills the pore quicker and builds more sheen with the same amount of coats as the Low Lustre, typically four on most wood species. The higher concentration of oil in the product also offers more protection.

High Lustre contains the most amount of Tung Oil in the Original Formula line. It’s the product of choice when you want to create a high sheen and the most protection for a project. It’s also a great choice if you want to be able to create different sheens without having to buy the other lustres. The High Lustre can be diluted with our DiCitrusol to create each of the other Lustres.

High – 1 part + DiCitrusol (or other Mineral Spirits) – 1 part = Sealer

High – 2 parts + DiCitrusol (or other Mineral Spirits) – 1 part = Low

High – 3 parts + DiCitrusol (or other Mineral Spirits) = Medium


Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil SEALER

Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil LOW LUSTRE

Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil MEDIUM LUSTRE

Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil HIGH LUSTRE