All Aquaglaze orders ship out Tuesdays.

Terms of Service

Sustainably Grown Raw Tung Oil

We wish we could say that it could be grown here in New England, but the truth is it’s just too cold up here for this miraculous plant. There is a resurgence of U.S. cultivation of the tung tree and we look forward to the opportunity to provide all American made products in the future. Our raw Tung Oil is shipped in from China, where the plant is indigenous to and long established, believing their products to be superior to those grown in South America. As a family business, we’re proud to support another family farm that values sustainability and high quality products.

Inbound & Outbound Shipments

Tung Oil, solvent, boxes, and cans are coordinated by the Sutherland Welles team to minimize the carbon impact.


We purchase our cans from a company that uses recycled metal, which means less metal in the landfill. Our cardboard boxes and bubble wrap are made from partially recycled materials. We use biodegradable packing peanuts.


We will only accept unopened product. All returns will be accepted through a UPS Call Tag processed by our office and the associated costs will be deducted from the credit or refund issued. All returns are assessed a restocking fee of $2.50 per pint, $5.00 per quart or $10.00 per gallon. All cans must have clips and be packaged as per the original shipment.