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The combination of UV guards, fungicide and Polymerized Tung Oil make our Exterior Polymerized Tung Oil a excellent exterior clear finish coating for a variety of outdoor applications. Tung oil’s elasticity creates a flexible finish which expands and contracts with the environmental changes and harsh seasonal cycles that wood is exposed to.

Sutherland Welles Exterior Polymerized Tung Oil finish requires timely maintenance to protect the wood. The first coat of Our Exterior Polymerized Tung Oil stabilizes wood as it penetrates and builds a protective barrier with each subsequent coat. Over time, the finish will dissipate with ultraviolet light from the sun, oxygen and environmental factors. So how often to re-apply the Exterior Tung Oil will be a function of how much sun it gets, but at a minimum we recommend an annual application. Timely maintenance will rejuvenate the wood and protect the finish. The reduces the labor involved to keep a project looking great and well protected. Reapplication is easy, just clean and re-coat.

Sutherland Welles Exterior Polymerized Tung Oil Sealer is formulated for the tung oil to penetrate deep into the wood. We recommended it as the primer coat for finishing with our Exterior Polymerized Tung Oil Medium Luster and Marine Spar Varnish.

Sutherland Welles Exterior Polymerized Tung Oil Medium Lustre is the topcoat of choice after applying two coats of our Exterior Sealer. Exterior Polymerized Tung Oil Medium Lustre fills the pores of wood more completely and offers more protection to any exterior project including doors and windows. We recommend brushing on the Exterior Tung Oil and allowing it to cure without wiping. This produces a better barrier for moisture and a higher build to withstand UV light for longer than a wiping process would provide. The gloss in our Exterior Polymerized Tung Oil Medium Lustre also helps bounce UV light off the surface, the sheen dulls down significantly with intense sun exposure.

The combination of UV guards, fungicide, Polymerized Tung Oil and high-quality phenolic resin in Sutherland Welles Exterior Marine Spar Varnish make this an exceptional exterior tung oil finish for a durable and spectacular high gloss finish. Our Exterior Polymerized Tung Oil in the formulation gives the finish elasticity, helping our Exterior Marine Spar Varnish to protect the surface from the expansion and contraction cycles the finish goes through in different daily and seasonal exposures. Exterior Marine Spar Varnish is formulated to withstand harsh seasonal cycles, environmental fluctuations and wet environments. This finish requires timely maintenance to protect the wood and is an excellent choice for brightwork on boats.

The process begins with two coats of Exterior Polymerized Tung Oil Sealer as a penetrating primer. This becomes the anchor to the flexibility of the Varnish. In the third coat, mix some Exterior Sealer with some Spar Varnish (50% sealer, 50% spar) and then subsequent coats are full strength Spar Varnish. It’s important to apply multiple, thin coats and allow adequate time in between coats for curing. Lack of through dry on a Varnish coat is often the most significant issue that causes quick coating failure.

Clarabelle’s Wood Preservative is a clear, flexible, exterior polymerized tung oil finish that preserves wood’s natural beauty and extends its life. Made from polymerized, 100% sustainably grown American tung oil with low VOC & citrus-based solvents, UV guards, and fungicides, Clarabelle’s blend penetrates and protects wood from the elements. Our Clarabelle’s Wood Preservative can be used as a deep penetrating oil maintenance coat or as a low luster build finish.

Clarabelle’s Wood Preservative, like all of our Polymerized Tung oil finishes is made from the highest percentage of tung oil found on the market. Our proprietary polymerization method creates a protective tung oil finish, unlike other penetrating oils; Cross links with atmospheric oxygen to make a hard, water-resistant film. Doesn’t yellow or go rancid over time like many oil finishes do. Is Acid and alcohol resistant and elastic in nature, moving with the wood as it expands and contracts with temperature variations. Is Easy to re-coat, just clean, scuff and finish. The finish degrades over time rather than peeling and clouding and is safe for people, pets, and the environment.

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