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Press Reviews

Read Press Reviews of our high quality hand-crafted Polymerized Tung Oil Wood finish products.

My Experience with Sutherland Welles Tung Oil Finish

I am thrilled with the results. The process took several days becuase of dry time, but the work was straightforward and fast during each work session.

How to Pick Tung Oil Finishes

Some handy tips for identifying and using tung oil finishes plus a list of products.

Review of our Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil Finish

Protect floors, countertops, and other wood surfaces in your home while giving them a rich, natural look with Sutherland Welles Polymerized Tung Oil finish.

Explaining Polymerized Oil

Three “polymerized” oils. The three oils that have some claim to being polymerized are too different to be thought of as a category.