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Wood Cleaner


Sutherland Welles Wood Cleaner is a zero VOC water based spray cleaner.

It was developed to be your go-to cleaning product to cut through dirt and grime before refinishing or before giving your piece a revitalized shine with our Tung Oil Polish. The Wood Cleaner is safe to use on any of the Sutherland Welles Ltd brand products on any wood or porous stone.

8 oz bottle

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Wood Cleaner is the perfect maintenance product that can be used to clean the surface of any piece coated with any of Sutherland Welles finishes. The product is a zero VOC water based spray cleaner formulated with water, vinegar, and other proprietary ingredients.

With a simple, easy, quick application you can clean the dirt and grime from your wood before doing a maintenance coat or before applying Tung Oil Polish. It can be applied directly to a surface and wiped with a cotton rag or paper towel. It can used as often as needed to clean the wood.

Packaged in an 8oz bottle, you won’t need much to clean an area, so you can expect multiple applications from this bottle.

After many years of being asked “What is the best way to clean your finishes” we are pleased to offer this simple and safe Wood Cleaner to keep your finished items looking as good as the day they were finished.

Wood Cleaner SDS Sheet

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