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Old World Concentrated Stains

The Sutherland Welles Ltd.® Old World Concentrated Stains are the most versatile stains on the market.

The high percentage of aniline dye allows a super saturated color or when diluted with the Polymerized Tung Oil Sealer a range of saturations are possible. The colors favor a restoration pallet making it easy to match vintage wood or create an Old World look on new wood.

Sutherland Welles stains can be mixed to form a variety of colors or successive layers of different stains help create an antiqued effect. When the stain is applied and allowed to cure on the surface it forms a protective layer in addition to providing color. Other leading brands offer only color as the stain is applied and must be wiped.

You can choose the degree of saturation you want for your projects. This is another significant advantage of working with Sutherland Welles Concentrated Stains, they can be mixed with one of our clear Sealers to adjust the level of saturation. Sometimes you need a hint of color and other times you need bold saturation, our stain line delivers you to that sweet spot easily.

Old World Concentrated Stain Products

FOR INTERIOR FINISHING USE ONLY. Exterior application for maintenance only.

The swatches below demonstrate the different levels of saturation that can be achieved with our stain. If you think of these two circles as end points on a line from darkest to lightest, you can choose the degree of saturation you want for your projects. Mixing details can be found on each product page.

  • Light Heartpine is a wonderful color which can be used on so many species to create a golden red with a touch of brown. Light Heartpine is our go-to stain when doing restoration work on an antique cherry piece or if you want to create that aged color on a new piece.

  • Dark Heartpine is a brown red that favors the brown aspect of the stain. Heartpine wood as it ages has a variety of tones some golden red others brown red. This stain will help unify that range and blend a project that presents with a dominant brown tone. Of course, this color will allow you to create that look on new wood as well.

  • Our Cherry stain is a real candy apple red and would present more as a very new, unaged Cherry. It’s also a good addition to some of our other stains when you need a bit of red to warm a stain. If you are hoping to match an antique cherry wood, our Light Heartpine will offer you the best match.

  • Our Mahogany stain creates a warm brown red with hints of purple in its most saturated presentation which mirrors the robust color in a fresh piece of Mahogany wood. Mahogany wood has a broad range of colors from very light to a deep purple red. The addition of our Mahogany stain to a project with a variety of tones helps to harmonize the piece perfectly and render a uniform color appearance.

  • Warm Pine is one of our most popular colors. It’s golden brown with just a hint of red that brings in to the “warm” side of the golden tones. It’s the perfect choice for using on any new Pine that you want to add instant age and richness in a piece.

  • Light Oak creates a golden tone on wood and tends to the “cooler” scale of yellows. If you look at the swatch above in the lighter version you can see some of those green tones that make Light Oak a cool color. As its name suggests it rich golden brown tone creates the same aged look to Oak pieces that occurs over time.

  • Medium Oak also favors the cool tone of the golden stains, but brings in a bit more brown than you will find in the Light Oak. It’s a great choice when working with a more aged Oak that you need to match.

  • Dark Oak is one of our brown stains we offer. It’s rich saturated brown that in keeping with all the other Oak stains tends toward the cooler tone of brown. Dark Oak is a rich brown that looks like a “Stickley” brown.

  • Antique Maple is one of our latest additions to our stain options and is a fabulous color. It’s tone is red, golden yellow and rich brown all in one. Of course it will match a variety of antique maple tones and it has been the perfect choice for creating an aged pine often referred to as “pumpkin pine”.

  • Walnut is a rich chocolate brown that offers a hint of red to add warmth to a brown. It’s a perfect choice on a variety of wood species to create a Walnut presentation. It’s also perfect on Walnut species which has a lot of sap wood or lighter color tones to create a more robust rich brown tone to an entire piece.

  • Black Walnut creates a rich brown/ black without any warmth or red tones. It’s a perfect way to create a Walnut tone on wood species that have a natural red tone in the wood. The Ebony in this Stain tones out the red tones in the underlying wood.

  • Our Ebony stain is jet black in its most concentrated or multi-layered use. On certain species, with lighter concentrations a more grey tone can be achieved.


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