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Wiping Varnish Medium Lustre


Sutherland Welles Wiping Varnish was our first line of resin fortified Polymerized Tung Oil finishes.

It was developed to provide more protection to surfaces where water and food items might be used as in dining room and coffee tables while maintaining a hand-rubbed appearance and feel.

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Wiping Varnish Medium Lustre is the perfect choice as a topcoat for providing a semi-gloss sheen while providing extra protection to the surface.

Wiping Varnish Low Lustre contains equal amounts of Interior/Original Formula Polymerized Tung Oil and protective Resin, providing a long open time for application, ease of wiping, as well as the supple oil feel to a cured surface.

The process begins with two coats of Wiping Varnish Sealer as the base coats, which have a higher percentage of Tung Oil, that help fill the wood pore and enhance the grain definition. Complete the process with two or more coats of Wiping Varnish Medium Lustre for a medium to semi-gloss sheen.

The addition of our Polymerized Tung Oil oil to our resin system allows you to apply as a hand wiped finish, making it very user-friendly just like our Original Formula Polymerized Tung Oil and Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil. The solvent in the Wiping Varnish is VOC exempt, has minimal odor and a slow evaporation rate, allowing for more open time for application prior to set-up and the need to wipe.

Product Stats

Solid: Polymerized Tung Oil & Urethane Resin
Solvent: Refined Mineral Spirits
Average Finish Longevity: 3-5 years
Spot Repairable: Varies
Sheen: Medium
Application: Brush or Rag
Coverage: (per gallon)
Coat 1= 600sqf
Coat 2= 800sqf
Coat 3= 1,000sqf
Coat 4= 1,000sqf
Dry Time: varies


  • wood species
  • applications method
  • weather conditions 55-75ºF
  • temperature change during curing process
  • humidity 65% or less

DO NOT decant Wiping Varnish into ENAMEL lined cans. Resin will react to the enamel and cause the finish to cloud up in the can. Storage Tips found HERE or use Stop Loss Bags.

Best Used For:

Furniture & Built-Ins
Kitchen & Bath Cabinets
Wood Turning

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Wiping Varnish Medium Lustre

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