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Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 Floor Finish Matte


Sutherland Welles’s Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 Floor Finish is our most durable and protective topcoat finish in our hybrid polymerized tung oil-resin line.

Paired with our Murdoch’s Hard Sealer as a primer coat, the Polymerized Tung Oil in the Murdoch’s Hard Sealer will enhance the grain definition of your wood, while maintaining a timeless, beautiful natural, not plastic (like many polyurethane finishes) look under the protection of the Uralkyd 500 Floor Finish. Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 Floor Finish is our urethane alkyd resin mixture for ultimate topcoat protection.

Looking for larger quantities?

We offer 5 Gallon Pails made to order at a 15% discount off the gallon price (Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 Floor Finish Matte: $730.79). Please call us at 1-800-322-1245 to order.

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The formulation of Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 Floor Finish is urethane-alkyd resin and solvent with no added Tung Oil. The cured finish is scuff and scratch resistant, and the VOC exempt solvent offers a long set-up time making application with either brush or synthetic pad very workable, especially in large areas. The absence of Tung Oil also allows for a range of sheen levels that include Matte, Satin and Gloss.

While we call Murdoch’s Uralkyd-500 a Floor Finish and its formulation was intended for floors, many use this product on tables and bar tops and other high use projects because of its  durability and range of sheens.

The finishing process begins with application of two coats of the Murdoch’s Hard Sealer which provides beautiful grain definition and pore-filling nurturing of our Polymerized Tung Oil with the addition of a small amount of the Uralkyd-500 resin creating the strong bond to the top coats of Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 Floor Finish. The third and fourth coats of Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 Floor Finish builds on the surface and provides the required protection. This product is ideal for kitchen and bathroom floors, countertops and where high traffic is anticipated.

A sealed based provides a consistent topcoat.

Murdoch’s MATTE sheen can streak, haze or have other finish anomalies with OPEN grain wood species. Here is how to insure a great outcome:

Sealed base: A sealed base means the Hard Sealer adequately fills the open grain, often requiring extra coats to close the open pore areas. The whole surface should have a slight sheen (when dry) before building the Uralkyd 500 Matte finish. Open grained wood can be filled by making a slurry of Hard Sealer using 400 grit paper when applying, then wipe off.

How to resolve if it occurs: Sand evenly through the finish to remove the haze layer, apply Hard Sealer until the area is sealed, then topcoat. Spot sanding can create a patchwork appearance, but successful feathering can be spot coated. A polishing buffing pad on a car buffer using Tung Oil Polish may hide hazing, although will not be permanent
Open grain wood species include, but are not limited to: Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Hickory, Ash, Cypress. The streaking, hazing or other finish anomalies does not occur with Satin or Gloss.

Product Stats

Solid: Urethane Alkyd
Solvent: DiCitrusol™ (Citrus based solvent)
Average Finish Longevity: 5-10 years
Spot Repairable: No
Sheen: Matte
Coverage: (per gallon)
Coat 1= 600sqf
Coat 2= 800sqf
Coat 3= 1,000sqf
Coat 4= 1,000sqf
Dry Time: 24 hours per coat.
DO NOT decant Murdoch’s products into ENAMEL lined cans. Resin will react to the enamel and cause the finish to cloud up in the can. Storage Tips found HERE or use Stop Loss Bags.


  • wood species
  • applications method
  • weather conditions 55-75ºF
  • temperature change during curing process
  • humidity 65% or less

Best Used For:

Drums – Polished Look
Guitars, Mandolins, & Ukuleles
Food Grade Counters and Bar Tops
Porous Stone

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Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 Floor Finish – Matte

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