Wood Finishing Prep and Maintenance Products

Product Overview

These products were formulated to care for our Sutherland Welles Ltd.® Polymerized Tung Oil finishes.

Totally botanical proprietary citrus solvent. This product is used for diluting Polymerized Tung Oil and cleaning brushes.

Bowl & Board™
food safe beeswax - Bowl and Board

Looking for the perfect, easy way to make wood come alive….We’ve got it! Introducing Bowl & Board™, our all natural, food safe beeswax and food grade mineral oil wood treatment. Use for an initial application on wood surfaces or for rejuvenating previously finished wood that is dry and dull. Perfect for finishing wooden bowls, utensils, cutting boards, picture frames, furniture and wooden toys. Any wood surface will look and feel better with a coat of Bowl & Board. Simply wipe on with a paper towel or cheese cloth. Allow to dry and then buff with a clean soft cloth. Use right away, no waiting is necessary! Check out our Facebook page, Sutherland Welles, for pictures of projects using our new Bowl & Board!! Handcrafted in Vermont and available NOW in 4 oz plastic jars $10.99


Dust & Tacking Oil,
for furniture care and wood preparation

Light weight mineral oil with Dicitrusol™ used for finish prep and dusting Polymerized Tung Oil finishes.


Botanical Wood Care

Used for periodic maintenance of Polymerized Tung Oil finish. Formulated with Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil and a gentle soil lifter.

botanical wood care


Polymerized Tung Oil Cleaner:

Used for heavily soiled wood surfaces. Formulated with Original Formula Polymerized Tung Oil and an aggressive soil lifter.


Used to quickly age new wood to give it an older appearance.

Steel Wool # 1:

5 Lb will support 1,000 sqf of Surface. Used for buffing in Original Formula, Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil and Millies All-Purpose Penetrating Polymerized Tung Oil on wood flooring.

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Polymerized Tung Oil Wood Cleaner
Botanical Wood Care
Dust & Tacking Oil


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