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Phoenix Finishing Inc.'s Finish-AllTM

Tung Oil Finish Handcrafted in Vermont

Phoenix Finishing has created its own brand of Tung Oil finish geared toward the DIY market.  Consumers are enjoying a myriad of projects and are looking for a product that is simple and reliable to use. Phoenix Finish-All was developed to provide that positive experience with minimal applications for all users with any experience level for any project.

Phoenix Finish-All is a combination of Tung Oil and resins that can be used on any project to create any sheen level desired on any surface; wood, porous stone, metal and concrete.

Apply 2-3 wiped coats to creates a satin sheen.  Want more sheen- semi-gloss to gloss, brush on the 3-4 coats without wiping and watch the sheen build.

Time between coats depends on the ambient temperature and humidity in the finishing environment, but range from 6-24 hours.

If you’re looking for one product to use for all
your home improvement projects
Phoenix Finish-All ™ is the solution.

Available in Quarts $21.95

We’ll finish the project for you!

What we do

Phoenix Finishing Inc offers a wide array of pre-finishing services for any wood project, from flooring to cabinetry. We believe that starting early with investigating the potential for wood finishing your project is an important part of planning in terms of choices available, costs and time frame to achieve a desired outcome. We can provide consultations in the planning phases of any wood project right through to fabrication and installation.


Wood Resources
We can assist you with species selection as well as source the material that is perfect for your application. We also have extensive knowledge and contacts in sourcing reclaimed and antique flooring.

Finishing Expertise
Our collective finishing experience spans 40 years of working with a variety of wood treatments. For new wood, our processes can create an aged surface with the stroke of a brush. Aging wood to recreate 100 years of use with hand distressing and special stain treatments is another specialty. Samples can be created to assist with stain selection to match an existing project or to complement decorating choices. We also have extensive experience finishing antique flooring as well.

Pre-finished Flooring Services
We can pre-finish your flooring and you can avoid the time and mess associated with on-site finishing. These services have grown to include commercial applications as well. We offer both clear finishes as well as custom staining. Flooring is packaged and shipped in manageable bundles that are easy to handle for both the homeowner and installers.

Project List

Audubon National Society
Antique Pine wood paneling

Daryl Hall Residence
: NY
Finished beams and paneling

Restaurant: Boston
, Mass
52 Antique Oak table tops

Commercial Office Space
: New Ipswich, NH
Walnut flooring

Vermont National Country Club
: Burlington, VT
Interior Mahogany paneling

Hotel Vermont
: Burlington, VT
Quart-sawn White Oak wood paneling in lobby areas on
floors 1-6

Johnson State College Shape Facility: Johnson, VT
Custom stain blend for reclaimed southern yellow pine paneling

Inn at Essex Tavern Room: Essex, VT
Fir horizontal paneling

Private Residence
Custom Walnut stair treads

Private Residence
: Waitsfield, VT
Custom Jatoba kitchen island

Private Residence
: Greensboro, VT
Antique wide-plank farm table w/ milk paint legs, reclaimed wide Pine flooring with custom stain

Private Residence
: NJ
Custom coffee tables

Private Residence
62 Custom interior passage doors made from Antique White Oak with custom stain

Private Residence
: Stowe, VT
Wide plank flooring w/ custom stain

Private Residence
: Burlington, VT
Mahogany, Butternut and Fir interior paneling and doors

Private Residence
: Shelburne, VT
Match current cabinetry with Tiger Maple appliance inserts

Private Residence
: Lake Placid, VT
Pre-finishing Cherry flooring