Millie's All-Purpose Penetrating Tung Oil

Product Overview

Millie's All-Purpose Penetrating Tung Oil is a part of our Botanical line. The absence of chemical driers in this formulation makes it our lowest toxic product. Millie's is our only oil formulation that allows a matte sheen. The combination of beeswax and Polymerized Tung Oil create a classic “butcher block”, food safe wood finish.

Product Stats

Solid: Polymerized Tung Oil & Beeswax (No chemical driers added)
Solvent: DiCitrusol™ (Citrus based solvent )
Average Finish Longevity: 3 years
Spot Repairable: Yes
Sheen: Matte sheen only
Coverage (per gallon):
Coat 1= 600sqf
Coat 2= 800sqf
Coat 3= 1,000sqf
Coat 4= 1,000sqf
Dry Time: No dry time in between coats.


  • wood species
  • applications method
  • weather conditions 55-75ºF
  • temperature change during curing process
  • humidity 65% or less

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Millie's All-Purpose Penetrating Tung Oil


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