How to Order?

1. Call Us Directly
800.322.1245 toll free
2. Order Online
Email your order to
We will confirm your order via email. If you have not received any email order confirmation from us within 24 hours Monday-Friday, please call us at 800-322-1245 to inquire about the status of your order. At times, we simply don’t receive your email.

How to Pay?

Finally up to date with offering credit card processing!! So many clients have requested that we offer this payment option. We listened and changed our policy to make your purchasing experience more user friendly. To follow soon will be our secure shopping cart feature on this site. So for know, please call us with your credit card info for order processing. Please don't email us your credit card information.

How we Ship?

All products must be shipped via UPS ground.
We will need your UPS deliverable address, a daytime phone number, and an e-mail address to provide you with the best shipping experience.

UPS Shipping Map

Shipping Charges
Shipping charges are added to your invoice and are based on the destination zip code and the weight of the package.

Return Policy
We will only accept unopened product. All returns will be accepted through a UPS Call Tag processed by our office and the associated costs will be deducted from the credit or refund issued. All returns are assessed a restocking fee of $2.50 per pint, $5.00 per quart or $10.00 per gallon. All cans must have clips and be packaged as per the original shipment.

Why Quarts?

Many states prohibit the sale of consumer quantities of solvent based products in gallon packaging that don’t meet exceptionally low VOC standards. They do allow quart packaging to be sold. To serve this market, we offer a discounted quart pricing to gallon or pail sized orders. The shipping fees are comparable as it’s all the same amount of weight and shipping fees are calculated by weight and location.
If you live in the following states or counties and purchase large orders you will be offered this discount. The discount varies based on the amount of product sold and the pricing difference of the various products. The goal is to make the quart pricing come close to the gallon pricing with the associated discounts that would have been in place for the size of the order. We add a small charge per quart to cover the increase cost to package in smaller quantities.

States with Restricted Gallon Shipments
Arizona (Maricopa County)
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
Washington DC
Virginia (northern counties)

What Is PaintCare And Why We Participate?

PaintCare is an industry sponsored paint/coating stewardship non-profit program established to manage the reuse, recycling and proper disposal of unused architectural paint and coatings.

PaintCare makes recycling more convenient. They operate paint stewardship programs on behalf of coating manufacturers in states that have passed paint/coating stewardship laws. Their main effort is to set up more places for people to take unwanted, leftover paint/coatings - usually at retail stores that also sell paint and coatings, because they have regular business hours and convenient locations.

As a manufacturer, we have assumed the reporting role for all our Dealers by participating in this organization where it is mandated. If you live and purchase the following products from us or our dealers you will see a line item on your invoice to recover this fee. You may dispose of any unused and unwanted material in any recycling facility in your local area.
The following Sutherland Welles Ltd.® products are enrolled in the Paint Care program:

  • Marine Spar Varnish
  • Wiping Varnish Sealer, Low, Medium and High Lustre
  • Murdoch’s Hard Sealer
  • Murdoch’s Hard Oil
  • Murdoch’s Table Top
  • Murdoch’s Uralkyd 500 Floor Finish

For more information about the PaintCare program visit: